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Our Boys!

On this page you will see our boys! None of these guys are available to homes, any available adults, will be on the available adult page.

"Harry Potter"

This is "GCH Dinger's Harry Potter v HH"! Such an amazing beautiful boy! He finished his championship in 2 weeks, with 3 majors, and before 7 months old! In just under 3 weeks Harry Potter became a Grand Champion, with 7 majors, taking Best of Breed 10 out of 11 times!


*AKC Grand Champion.

*JHC clear.

*BAER OFA normal.


*Patellas OFA normal.

*Cardiac OFA normal.

*CAER OFA eyes. 

"Night King"

This is "GCH Night King at Dinger De L'Espirit Du Chien" aka "Night King". He is here from France. He quickly made Champion while still being a puppy!

*AKC Grand Champion.

*JHC clear.

*CAER OFA normal eyes.

*BAER OFA normal hearing.



image1 (32).jpeg

This is "Vincenza and Dinger's Out of the Ashes" aka "Phoenix". 

*AKC Grand Champion


*JHC clear

*CAER OFA normal eyes

image1 (33).jpeg



This is "Dinger's Half-Blood Price" aka "Snape".

*AKC Registered


*JHC clear

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