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If we have any puppies they will be listed here on this page. This page is updated the minute something changes. If you find a puppy that you are interested in please send us an e-mail. We often reply right back and always within 24 hours. If, after we have talked and answered your questions, you decide that you would like a puppy the next step would be sending a deposit. We need a deposit to hold your puppy. You can place a deposit one of three ways, mailing a check, using paypal, or coming to visit. Deposits are non-refundable for any reason!  DO NOT send a deposit unless you are sure you are going to get a puppy from us.

We hope that you will enjoy looking at our adorable babies!

On this page is a paragraph about if/when we are expecting any litters. We will post any pups that we are expecting there and will update it as soon as anything changes.

You may visit and see the puppies, or your puppy. Please understand that we do not allow anyone to touch the puppies, only look, until they have had their shots. Shots are given right around 8 weeks old so you probably wont be able to touch your puppy until you come to pick him/her up. We do this for the health and safety of our babies. Thank you for your understanding.

Directions are found on our CONTACT page!

Deposit List

We are expecting;


Below is our deposit list. The list is not for a specific litter. When a litter is born, we will contact the people on our list, in order of receiving the deposits. Every person, on their turn, will have a chance to either pick a puppy or choose to wait until the next litter. If you notice that the ready to go date is on your vacation, or we don't have the sex you want available, or even you don't like the markings on the available pups, you are more then welcome to wait until your perfect pup arrives. Please remember that deposits are non refundable, for any reason, and we do not guarantee that you will get a pup by a certain time. 

Puppies Due Spring 2024

          Deposits for Boston Terriers;


            (1. Hess S. in MA)*

            (2. Christine E. in VT)*

            (3. Chris W. in MA)*

            (4. Deirdra V. in MA)*

            (5. Cassio S. in MA)*

            (6. Crystal B. in IN)*

            (7. Andrea M. in MA)

            (8. Rachel F. in MA)*

            (9. Will T. in MA)- two pups*

            (10. Eric H. in MA)

            (11. Susan K. in ME)*

            (12. Reinette F. in RI)

            (13. Kelliann B. in MA)

            (14. Mark T. in MA)- two pups*

            (15. Mary M. in MA)

            (16. Paula O in CT)

            (17. Kathy G. in ME)

            (18. Katie L. in NH)

            (19. Phil R. in ME)

            (20. Kimberly K in MA)-two pups

            (21. Lynne R. in MA)

            (22. Deborah S. in MA)

            (23. Shelby M. in NH)

            (24. Priscilla T. in NH)

            (25. Heather V. in MA)- two pups

            (26. Jennifer NH)- two pups

            (27. Kara M. in MA)

            (28. Andrea C. in MA)

            (29. Thomas C. in MA)

            (30. Erin B. in MA)

            (31. Carly S. in NH)- two pups

            (32. Svetlana B. in MA)

            (33. Jeff N. in MA)

            (34. Nancy T. in ME)

            (35. Suzanne C. in VT)

            (36. Ellen R. in VT)

            (37. Marina G. in NY)

            (38. Mike M. in MA)

            (39. Marit S. in ME)


List updated 12/17/23

 (Breeder always reserves the right to pick a pup or pups to hold for evaluation for show or our breeding program)

* = People are waiting an extended period of time, do to various reasons, pregnancy, moving, personal reasons, etc. Still have placed a deposit, but will contact the breeder when they are ready for a puppy.


       *****Please expect a long wait. We do not over breed. Do NOT place a deposit if you must have a pup within a certain time!******

If you place a deposit on an unborn litter and the litter doesn't end up happening or if you do not want any of the pups for any reason, your deposit is not returned. It will be held over for the next litter. Please be sure you want a pup from us before you send a deposit. The deposit guarantees you pick of a puppy in the order that the deposits were placed. 

Prices change every year to match the rising costs, specially those of c-sections. Understand your quoted cost is based on the current cost of having a litter. The last Emergency Vet we went to in September 2023 quoted csections at $6,000-$8,000.



Please think about getting your new puppy or dog a microchip. Collars and tags can be lost or removed, microchips are forever.
We can do this for you. We usually need at least 1 weeks notice if you would like this done for your pup, so let us know right away.
Pay by Paypal!
You can now place a deposit or pay in full for your new family member! Fast, easy and secure! We ask that if you use paypal you add 4% to cover the fees they charge. ($4.00 for every $100 you send) If you do not wish to pay this fee you may pay by check or money order, but these need to clear before your new family member leaves here. As always cash is fine. Cash is the only acceptable payment form on the day you come to get your puppy.
Contact e-mail;
This page was last updated on; 

  12/17/23 at 3:40pm
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